What I Don’t Miss About Shaving

Sometimes I can’t believe that I ever used to shave my legs every single
day. In hindsight, it was such a massive hassle that I am surprised I
never decided to just go fuzzy! After I made the decision to have laser
hair removal, my entire world changed. Now, instead of taking long
forty-five minute showers, I am able to get in and out in a matter of
minutes. Hair removal is no longer something that makes my morning prep
time long and stressful. Now, it is pretty much just an afterthought.

What don’t I miss about shaving? Well, I definitely don’t miss the hefty
cost of shaving tools and creams. While the shaving cream wasn’t that
expensive, the razors and cartridges were seriously killing me. Unless I
had a coupon, a good razor would usually set me back anywhere from ten
to twenty bucks. And the worst part? The cartridges are even more
expensive! Since my hair is coarse, I would usually end up buying a new
set of cartridges every month. Hence, when people complain about the
high cost of laser hair removal, I seriously need to roll my eyes. How
could you possibly compare a one-time cost to a lifetime of shelling out
for shaving supplies?

I also definitely don’t miss the cuts, ingrown hairs, and razor burn.
When I was still shaving my legs, I was always on the internet,
searching for the newest and best hair removal methods. I have pale
skin, so when I shave, I always get little red ingrown hairs. The only
real solution for these annoying little red dots is to use a product
with salicylic acid. For those who don’t know, salicylic acid is the
product used in most acne treatments. And it can really sting,
especially on freshly shaved skin. It is definitely something that I
don’t miss about shaving.

Now that I have had laser hair treatment and my legs are hair-free, I
don’t have to worry about any of this anymore. It’s really great.
Instead of dealing with expensive shaving supplies and nasty ingrown
hairs and cuts, I can just be hair-free without worrying about a thing.
It’s truly wonderful, and I can’t believe that I spent so long shaving.
If I could go back and change anything, I would have had laser hair
treatment much, much sooner.